Import/Export Services



If you import goods from outside the EU, you are confronted with all kinds of problems that need to be solved: under what terms (Incoterms) do I need to buy, what duty is payable when goods enter the EU, do I use a container, how do we ship the cargo, etc. And we can advise whether you need air or sea, or perhaps road transport.

Trans Ocean Pacific Forwarding B.V. acts as handling agent for a great variety of import services. In particular, we offer a weekly import service from almost every port in the Far East. All containers handled by our office are discharged to our custom bonded warehouses or can be transported to your premises or that of your customer. We also offer groupage truck services to all European cities, both customs cleared and transported under customs bond.

Trans Ocean Pacific Forwarding B.V. offers complete customs brokerage. Using advanced data communication technology linked to the customs offices, we are assured of smooth and fast clearance procedures.

Door-to-door delivery can be offered for both bonded and cleared cargoes, for full containers and groupage shipments. Combined with our after-sales service, your orders can be processed into worldwide door-to-door delivery.

Feel free to contact our staff at any time for a quotation or information.


Trans Ocean Pacific offers export services to any destination for all kinds of cargo. We issue our own bills of lading that are recognized by all first-class international banks.
With our experienced staff we can handle any kind of cargo, whether it is RoRo, containerized, conventional or heavy-lift cargo. We offer full truck load and groupage services to all European cities, customs cleared as well as transported under customs bond. Besides air, road and sea transport services, we have expertise in rail transportation to any container railway station in Europe. Thanks to years of experience we can offer competitive rates based on reliable services. Our staff will keep you duly informed about departure and delivery dates.

Feel free to contact our staff at any time for a quotation or information.

Cross Trades

The globalisation of the world economy has convinced us that it is extremely important for us to provide our customers with the means to operate in such an economic environment. In the past, the majority of our customers purchased their commodities abroad and then imported them into their local market for sales and distribution.

Forced by globalisation and the consequent need to minimize their costs, more and more customers have switched to direct deliveries from their suppliers to their buyers, wherever they are located. This ensures shorter delivery times and a reduction in transport costs.

With our widespread network of independent agents around the world, Trans Ocean Pacific forwarding B.V. is able to provide our customers the extra service needed to perform this kind of trade. Our knowledge of cross-trading will help you reach a position where you find yourself competing with suppliers around the world and you will be able to maintain your profits because of the dramatic cuts in logistical expenses.

The biggest concern is how to keep this kind of trade alive; in other words, how can you keep your customer from finding out the actual source of the merchandise? This neutrality is achieved by using our office and worldwide network to collect all the paperwork, such as invoices and packing lists, from your supplier; we can then send your invoices and packing lists directly to your end-customer.

If you believe that cross-trading could be a solution for you to survive in the current global economy, feel free to contact our office. We will be more than happy to discuss the various possibilities and benefits and to offer you our services and rates.